We are celebrating 10 years of business

by / Monday, 21 November 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

It is difficult to think, that a little over 10 years ago Advanced Technical Recruitment didn’t exist, the team we now have, hadn’t met (most were still at school! ) and the office that we now have was part of the Manpower group.

Back then Facebook was a new thing, Twitter had just launched, mobiles were rather basic, we didn’t have “Apps” and Blogs hadn’t yet been created.

I always smile when I see news items with pictures of where Facebook, Google. Twitter and alike started, most were in a garage or garden shed. We started in our back bedroom!

I’m not saying we will be the size of these companies, but it’s always nice to hear their stories.

For myself and Advanced, 10 years has passed very quickly. From 1 back bedroom, we took over 2  bedrooms, then the office on the Harbour side in Torquay, and now on to our office in Torquay Town centre.

Our first ever placement came from a recommendation, and I am happy to say that we are still in touch with both the person that recommended us, and the company that we first worked for.

On the way we have placed hundreds of people into a range of jobs, many of whom have progressed to senior management roles, and now use our service to recruit for themselves.

Things like that make you feel that it was all worthwhile.

The team would like to thank everyone we have worked with since 2006, and we hope to be working with you for many years to come.