10 Top Tips on Job Searching


Job searching may seem like the most daunting part of getting a new job but following our simple tips, it won’t have to be. Before job searching it is essential you have your CV prepared and up to date. Here you can find some easy steps on how to achieve a successful job search.

1) Have a Set Clear of Goals

Before you start looking at any jobs make sure you understand what career you would like to pursue and what will suit your current lifestyle.

2) Research First 

Understand the sector you wish to work in to clarify what to expect from the types of jobs available to you.

3) Geographical Decisions

Choosing where you would like to be based can affect your whole job search. So being clear with your location can help you find the most suitable role.

4) Specialist Agencies

Finding sector-specific recruitment agencies can keep you in the loop with all the hottest vacancies related to your field, experience and skills.

5) Job Boards

Exploring online job boards can be a great start to see what jobs are currently available and can lead you to other opportunities you haven’t thought about.

6) Social Media 

Social media is a new reliable source for finding new vacancies. Keeping an eye out for job adverts while scrolling through your newsfeed can ensure you don’t miss out on new vacancies.

7) Contact Details

Make sure your contact details are public including your email address and phone number and always make sure they’re correct/up to date.

8) Keep Profiles Updated

Remembering to keep your online profile/CV up to date. This can encourage recruiters to contact you directly with vacancies that suit your present skill set.

9) Job Alerts

 Signing up to regular job alerts can help keep you updated with any new vacancies. You can do this via the job boards or recruitment agencies.

10) Don’t Serial Apply

Don’t apply for every job, be specific with what you apply to. Only apply for jobs that are relevant to your experience/qualifications. Don’t waste your time on a job that you’re not suited to.