Apprentice of the Year 2020


The Advanced Team is very excited to announce that Jasmine won at the South Devon College Apprentice Awards evening. Not only did she win Apprentice of the Year for Business and Management but also won Apprentice of the Year 2020. As a team, we’re very proud of her achievements and secretly we knew she would win! We would like to also congratulate all the other winners at the event.

Jasmine has come very far at Advanced. She has grown in confidence and is continuing to learn the ways of recruitment. With Jasmine’s apprenticeship coming to end we’re very excited for her to become our first Business Administrative Support. She will be continuing her much needed support for the team and will be progressing to a resourcing role in no time. Jasmine is passionate about becoming more involved in the recruitment side of Advanced.

Congratulations Jasmine on your awards from the big Advanced family!