Right Time to Move Jobs


There are many factors to consider when deciding to leave your current employment and starting a new role. The best way to start your decision process is to evaluate your current position. Changing jobs can seem like a daunting experience it may even affect your whole lifestyle and others around you. Here you will be able to find some advice on changing jobs:

Why change jobs?
  • Financial Reasons: Money shouldn’t be your only motivation. However, it can be a factor in evaluating how you’re valued in your current role. If you’ve noticed that similar roles to yours are offering a higher salary then yours, you may feel you’re not being valued you by your current employer. This could have an impact on how you feel about your employer and affect your work
  • Progression: Progression can be a big factor for many people, being able to move up the ladder or gain more knowledge/qualifications can be a great motivator. If you find progression is something that is important to you then you need to feel comfortable that your role allows you to do this. If not, then it might mean you need to explore other companies that can offer what you need.
  • Hours: This can be meant in two ways; your time is taken to commute to work and your time during work. A long commute may seem manageable at the beginning but when starts to impact your life outside work it can make you feel negative about your job. You need to ensure your happy with the overall impact of the role on your life which does include getting to and from your place of work. Also, unsociable hours can be a problem for some people such as working crazy shifts or long days.
  • Does the current role affect other areas of your lifestyle negatively? No job is worth affecting your personal life in a negative way. This can include your physical and mental health, your relationships and your work/life balance. If this starts to happen then it could be a big indication to make a change.
When’s the best time to move jobs?

There’s not always necessarily the best time but it should more when it’s right for you. There’s no best time of year to move as all companies operate on different timetables and recruit when it’s best for them. One thing you should consider when you’re planning on changing roles is ensuring you have another job lined up. Having another role to commit to can be a great form of security instead of just quitting your current role and having nothing in place.

For many people, job hunting may seem like an overwhelming task. However, with the help of an experienced recruitment agency, the process can be made a lot easier.