The Benefits of using a Recruitment Agency

by / Friday, 20 September 2019 / Published in Uncategorized

Job hunting doesn’t need to be a long task especially with an industry specific recruiter on your side. Recruiters can help improve your odds of getting your dream job and provide extra support throughout the process. Here you can find some reasons on why using a recruitment agency can benefit your job search. Or if you need some guidance on how to begin your job search check out our ‘10 Top Tips on Job Searching’.


1) Interview Preparation – One of the most beneficial parts of using a recruiter is the extra information they can provide on how to win over an employer during an interview. Recruiters should be able to guide you on what to say and what not to say to specific employers.

2) Provide More Detail – You may be able to understand what the job advert is asking from you, but a recruiter can help you ‘read between the lines’ and help figure if a particular vacancy is actually what you want from your next role.

3) Specialist Recruiters – Being guided by a recruiter who has no knowledge of the industry you work in can be very unhelpful. Therefore having an industry specific recruiter understand exactly what you would expect in a role can benefit your job search.

4) Free for Job Seekers – One misconception people have about recruitment agencies is that candidates are changed for using their services. In fact this is not the case! Using a recruitment agency is completely free to all candidates.

5) Feedback – One downfall of applying directly through a company is that you may never hear from anyone which can be very frustrating. This is one thing you can expect a recruiter to do when you’ve been put forward for a role.

6) Negotiate on Candidates Behalf – Even receiving the great news of a job offer can be quite stressful especially when it’s not the offer you were expecting. In this situation a recruiter can help ensure you get the offer you’re happy with.

7) Some Companies only use Agencies – Depending on the structure or size of a company they may not be able to hire employees directly through them. Therefore receiving regular job updates from an industry specific agency can allow you to see jobs you may have never had the opportunity of applying for.

8) Large Network – Even if you only see one job you’re interested in, once you speak to the recruiter, they may have other jobs that would suit your skills and experience. This way you can apply for more than one job at a time.

9) Headhunt Approach – Most recruiters use a headhunting approach to finding candidates. This means that they look for people who are most suited for the role even if they haven’t applied for the vacancy or are not actively looking.

10) Regular Job Updates – Signing up to job updates through a recruitment agency can allow you to see what jobs are on offer even if you’re happy in your current role.