Why You Should Start Recruiting in December


Why wait to recruit in January when you can be recruiting now? Here are some reasons why we as recruiters believe you should start your recruiting in December instead of waiting for the new year. There are many opportunities you could be missing out on by stopping your recruitment process in December.

Less Competition – Currently at this of year majority of companies aren’t recruiting. However, if you choose to recruit now you wouldn’t have to compete for the best candidates.

Social Media Peaks – Social media activity is at its highest in December. This is an advantage for recruiting as this would mean more exposure of your job adverts.

Solid Foundation for January 2022 – By starting your recruiting in December instead of January this could ensure you have a positive start to 2022. Therefore, you can focus on other areas instead of recruiting.

Not Everyone Celebrates Christmas – Not everyone stops their job search for Christmas. All the people who don’t celebrate are still searching for their dream job and they could be the right person for your roles. Don’t miss out just because Christmas in coming.

More Enthusiastic Candidates – If you begin your recruiting in December and hire in time for January. New candidates are more likely to be re-energised after a break over Christmas and looking forward to a new challenge in the new year. This way you can get the most out for your new employees.

Stress Free New Year – Why have a stressful start to the new year? By starting your recruitment before the end of 2021, you can be ahead of the competition. Even if you haven’t hired anyone, by starting the process you know what to expect. Therefore, you can be ready to go in January with a clear plan.